Your Next Phone Might Have Hitachi's New 4.5 Inch Display with 720p…

HItachi's latest screen—something that may pop up in future phones and other portable devices—combines everything you'd ever want (and didn't want) in one display. Meaning glasses-less 3D, 4.5 inch IPS-based LCD and a stunning 1280x720 resolution. » 7/20/11 8:26am 7/20/11 8:26am

New Pioneer 50-inch, 60-inch Plasma TVs Show Off Deep, Deep Blacks

Pioneer introduced two new plasma TVs with panels designed for incredibly deep blacks at an industry event in Tokyo. Are these the same Kuro gen 2 panels that are currently shipping in the US? Or are they the even better ones we saw in prototype form at CES? The guys at Akihabara News were able to check out the… » 9/11/08 2:45am 9/11/08 2:45am