Download Race Between Helio Fin, iPhone, Sidekick, and RAZR2

Our friends at Wired put a stopwatch to a four-way download race between the Helio Fin, iPhone, Sidekick, and RAZR2 with HSDPA. Of course, they wanted to see which one would load the fastest in a straightforward race of phones that have different methods of downloading. Before going to the next page to see… »8/17/07 3:30pm8/17/07 3:30pm

Teltonika HDSPA USB Modem for Super-Fast Connectivity

If, like Shakira, you need to be connected Whenever, Wherever, then Teltonika's little HDSPA USB modem has your name written all over it (rather like my brother thinks Shakira should have his name written all over her). Plug the little thingo into your laptop and you should have high-speed Internet access, as long as… »5/09/07 10:40am5/09/07 10:40am

Cingular Unleashes the 8525 and The Reviews Are Here (Verdict: It's Pretty Darn Good)

Cingular today announced the release of the 8525 smartphone and the reviews are already here. Laptop Magazine got its filthy hands on it and gave it a good rub down. The overall impression the mag walks away with is a good one. For starters, the 8525 is the first device in the U.S. to feature HSDPA wireless broadband… »11/06/06 9:31am11/06/06 9:31am