Fusion CA-1P500 Is the First Head Unit That Hides, Docks Your iPod

We can't believe it, but Fusion CA-1P500 is apparently the first head unit that allows you to dock and hide your iPod directly inside the face. The thing costs £149.99 ($278), which isn't too bad for a head unit that has an OLED menu, a knob that corresponds to the iPod's scroll wheel, and SRS Wow. It fits the… »8/21/08 7:20pm8/21/08 7:20pm


Toyota Releases $300 iPod Integration Kit For All Current-Model Cars

It's fantastic news for Toyota and Lexus owners, as the car company has just released an iPod adapter kit to directly link the player with your car's audio system. The kit fits into all current Toyotas and Lexuses and connects inside the glove box so you can control the iPod with your head unit (or steering wheel… »9/04/07 3:30pm9/04/07 3:30pm