Last-Minute Apple Leaks: Lightning Connectors, Earpod Headphones and 2 …

9to5mac is reporting some last-minute leaks ahead of the Apple event later today. Chief amongst them are that the iPod's new connection will be named "Lightning"—presumably to complement Thunderbolt—and a reaffirmation that the company will launch a new set of headphones to be known as "Earpods". » 9/12/12 3:46am 9/12/12 3:46am

Is Apple Using a New Headphone Jack for iPad 2?

Kevin Fox, lead designer at Mozilla Labs, thinks the iPad 2 is using pogo pins instead of the more traditional switch contacts. They've actually filed patents for the pogo pin style headphone jack (which is smaller) before and have been interested in re-making the headphone jack entirely. The difference is super slight … » 3/12/11 4:00pm 3/12/11 4:00pm

Apple Wants to Remake the Audio Jack

Simply put, Apple wants fewer holes in its devices. Headphone jack—that's a hole. Microphone—that's a hole. According to a recent patent filing, Apple is looking to consolidate by combining the functionality of the two into one unified jack. » 8/27/10 8:22am 8/27/10 8:22am

Monster and Vivienne Tam Create Butterfly Headphones For Da Ladeeez

I can see Monster scratching their (many) heads in the board room, wondering how to appeal to women after too many Dr Dre headphones. "I know!" (shouted Noel Lee), "butterflies! They all like butterflies!" I must have a penis then. » 2/18/10 11:49am 2/18/10 11:49am

This is Why the Limited Edition White Dr. Dre Monster Beats Cost 2x As …

Gear Live, through a hands-on, has finally figured out why the white version of the Monster Beats cost twice as much as the standard black version. It's coated by Colorware. » 12/09/08 10:10pm 12/09/08 10:10pm

Arriva iPod Shuffle Headphones Make us Laugh, Cry a Little

Could these possibly be the worst headphones ever made for the iPod shuffle? Yes, yes they could. Instead of making them something a normal person would wear, Arriva's gone and made them "wireless," in the sense that they have a built-in iPod shuffle dock and hangs the player off the back of your head. Sure, it's… » 7/20/07 6:10pm 7/20/07 6:10pm