Which superhero had the coolest and best secret headquarters?

Being a superhero is the best job in the world. Not only do you save the world and get the girl and receive the world's adulation, you're also somehow rich enough (even though you're above the idea of money) to have a sick secret headquarters that every kid dreams about. And though your hero headquarters are typically »4/02/14 6:28pm4/02/14 6:28pm

Which famous villain had the biggest and baddest secret headquarters?

It sucks to be a villain. Not just because you're destined to lose to the hero but because when you do lose, you lose everything, including your stupid awesome villain hideout slash lair slash headquarters. Why couldn't you just lose a little bit and get to keep rolling around in the Death Star? Why can't I live in my… »1/29/14 8:01pm1/29/14 8:01pm

The Architecture Of Surveillance

This past week, major documents were leaked detailing PRISM, a top secret government program that directed tech companies to spy on Americans by turning over their data to the National Security Agency, among other branches of the Department of Homeland Security. Despite obvious threats to the right to privacy, the… »6/11/13 12:30pm6/11/13 12:30pm