Soldiers May Soon Be Able to Control a Herd of Robots With Their Heads

A new Army program, called Heads-Up Display for Control of Unmanned Ground Vehicles, is said to be developing an "eyeglasses-like display" that projects live video feeds from robots on the ground. That's no breakthrough. But what is new is that our soldiers may even be able to drive these robots—using only the natural… »5/14/11 12:20am5/14/11 12:20am


Citizen Develops Seismic Earthquake Early Warning Watch

There's nothing to stop Japan's infamous earthquakes, but there are better ways to get ready for them. Citizen is developing the Seismic watch to take advantage of the country's "Earthquake Early Warning" radio service. It will pick up the radio signal as much as 10 seconds faster than the cellular text-message… »10/15/07 12:15pm10/15/07 12:15pm