The Future of Active Eyewear: An Interview With Oakley's R&D Division

The pinnacle achievement in active eyewear was once simply making a pair of sunglasses that were light and wouldn't shatter into your eyeballs. While that's still important, technology has obviously progressed. So what is the future, exactly? Heads-up displays? Augmented reality? Cybernetic retinal implants? » 3/19/14 4:40pm 3/19/14 4:40pm

When I Actually Wear Google Glass

So far most of what's been written about Google Glass has been united by one commonality: It's been written from the perspective of someone who had to wear Glass. Because they were going to write about it. But here's when you'll actually want to wear it. Or at least, when I do. » 8/28/13 3:01pm 8/28/13 3:01pm

Garmin's New HUD Projects Turn-by-Turn Directions Onto Any Windshield

When most of us think of heads-up displays, our brains almost immediately wander into science fiction fantasies. And lord knows I've been fantasizing about a relatively inexpensive unit that will put turn-by-turn navigation on my windshield. Goodbye, awkward smartphone mount, hello, Garmin HUD. » 7/08/13 10:53am 7/08/13 10:53am

Will Real-Life Google Goggles Replace Your Dorky Eyeglasses?

Recently there have been reports that Google is working on wearable computing. But the latest rumor suggests that it's actually planning to gives us all our own heads-up displays. » 12/20/11 5:40am 12/20/11 5:40am

GM's Enhanced Windshield Uses Lasers to Make Your Road Trips Safer

It makes it feel like you're in the middle of Tron, but GM's new heads-up display's not just a way to play out childhood fantasies. The system projects laser-generated images onto windshields, providing a great looking enhanced vision display. » 3/17/10 8:00pm 3/17/10 8:00pm

Finally, Someone's Putting a HUD in Ski Goggles

These goggles pack a display that projects info like jump hang-time, vertical gain/loss, and speed. Perfect, I've been looking for a way to tell how much faster that little kid who just shot by was going. » 12/05/09 3:00pm 12/05/09 3:00pm

ARider Turns The iPhone Into a Heads-Up GPS Display For Cyclists

Japan's Ubiquitous Entertainment have developed a prototype device called ARider that allows cyclists to navigate via their iPhone 3GS using a heads up display. Of course, the whole setup seems a bit precarious for you and your precious phone. » 9/24/09 7:00pm 9/24/09 7:00pm

Asus R710 GPS with Head-Up Display Demoed on Video

This is some video of Asus' swanky new GPS model that projects data onto your windshield, saving you from distracting yourself from the road by peering at a device screen. So will the R710 make you feel like you're flying a fighter aircraft with glitzy HUD graphics? No, not really, as it projects just some very basic… » 8/04/08 10:00am 8/04/08 10:00am

ParaNav GPS Unit For Parachutists Helps Marines Avoid Errors...Like…

Rockwell Collins has been selected by the US Marines to deliver 3,000 of its ParaNav GPS units for parachutists. Soldiers plummeting towards Earth will soon have the advantage of GPS navigation with a HUD that will help improve landing accuracy and allow for target zones to be easily changed on the fly. » 2/15/08 5:30pm 2/15/08 5:30pm

Microsoft's Windshield HUD Has Lots of Info, Hopefully Never Crashes

This Microsoft patent describes a heads up user interface on windshields that shows useful information for the driver right where the eyes are. The patent takes information from cellphones, car stereos, your GPS, maps, weather, temperature, email, car instruments and probably the Zune, and places it your eyeline. Much… » 8/24/07 7:10pm 8/24/07 7:10pm

Don't Look Down: SportVue BT1 Wireless Heads-Up Display

This little Bluetooth-enabled SportVue BT1 from Motion Research shows speed, RPM and selected gear info on its LED display, clipped onto your motorcycle helmet and positioned exactly where you need it. Looking at it with one eye, its data appear to be superimposed ahead. » 1/11/07 4:54pm 1/11/07 4:54pm