Photoshop Fix Is One of the Best Free Apps For Fixing Selfies

For a long time, Adobe has been a name designers and photographers could name drop to let you know they’re serious. And because the software wasn’t cheap and required some know-how to use it well, it usually worked. But Adobe’s free new iOS app, Photoshop Fix, significantly lowers that technical barrier. »10/05/15 9:00am10/05/15 9:00am


Bandage That Electrocutes Your Wounds Is Much Better Than It Sounds

Mixing water and electricity is never a good thing, unless it's in the style of the new "CMB Antimicrobial Wound Dressing with PROSIT" bandage. When you wet it, it generates a small voltage which prevents pesky microbes, fungus, mold and yeast from getting through its treated polyester fibers. Good news if you've got… »7/02/08 4:47am7/02/08 4:47am

e-Revolution Healing Moon Gives You an Excuse to Go Werewolf

Despite being 3x more expensive than the discovery channel version, this e-Revolution Healing moon is a pretty neat gadget to give your room some moon-ambiance. If you're one of those people that believe in the healing power of the moon—or just really get in the mood by it—this e-Revolution moon gives you control over… »2/28/07 7:00pm2/28/07 7:00pm