Can You Ignore Your Own Voice?

We listen to our own voice when we talk – it helps us monitor what we're saying. But simultaneous interpreters have to translate one language into another in real time, so they learn to ignore themselves. » 11/21/14 4:30am 11/21/14 4:30am

A Man Going Deaf Can "Hear" Wi-Fi Signals

Losing your hearing can be a frighteningly isolating experience. But instead of trying to replace the audible landscape he began losing at age 20, science writer Frank Swain decided to find a way to listen in on something humans can't hear: the hum of Wi-Fi all around us. » 11/12/14 3:08pm 11/12/14 3:08pm

Dubs Earplugs Don't Look Terrible So You Might Actually Wear Them

Dubs' "Acoustic Filters" are snazzy new earplugs that hope to conquer one of the biggest obstacles between you and wearing crucial gear to protect your hearing. Though they're not the first earplugs in the world, they're some of the first that don't look terrible. Can Dubs trick you into better hearing with design? » 9/23/14 9:00am 9/23/14 9:00am

My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

I've never been able to hear well. As a child, I was in and out of the hospital as doctors struggled to treat chronic ear infections that left me in throbbing pain and, eventually, relative silence. By the time I went to college, I had only one half-functioning ear drum and no hope of regaining the hearing I'd lost… » 7/11/14 10:00am 7/11/14 10:00am

After This Audio Illusion, You'll Never Trust Your Ears Again

It might be a little too early in the morning to have your mind blown, but this audio illusion is worth your time because it demonstrates your brain's uncanny ability to use new information to help process something that is otherwise incomprehensible. » 6/19/14 10:20am 6/19/14 10:20am

This Is What Life Sounds Like Through a Cochlear Implant

Being deaf is extremely difficult—but there are technological solutions that allow some people to regain at least some of their hearing. Now, you can listen to what it's like to hear through a cochlear implant. » 5/22/14 8:00am 5/22/14 8:00am

Why Does Your Voice Sound Different When It's Recorded?

If you've ever listened to a recording of yourself and thought you sound completely different, you're not alone. But more than that, you were also correct. Here's why it sounds different. » 9/10/13 4:22am 9/10/13 4:22am

Test How Old Your Ears Are (And How Much Damage You've Done to Them)

Deep down we all know we shouldn't crank our music or listen to headphones with the volume really high, but we still do. And if you've ever wondered if years of hard rock has done any serious damage, here's an easy way to find out. » 8/13/13 10:41am 8/13/13 10:41am

Man Hears Voices Out of Sync with Lips, Like an Old Kung Fu Movie

Well this is a first. No, really, a man going by the name of PH is the first known diagnosis of a deeply odd and presumably infuriating condition: He hears voices out of sync, as though he's watching a movie with out-of-sync dubbing. » 7/05/13 1:07pm 7/05/13 1:07pm

This Guy Has an Invisible Headphone Implanted In His Ear

Rich Lee has freed himself from the frustrations of misplacing or having to untangle his headphones ever again. How? He's what's known as a grinder: someone who experiments with surgical implants or body-enhancements, and he's come up with a doozie. Implanted in his tragus—the stiff protrusion just in front of your… » 6/25/13 1:51pm 6/25/13 1:51pm

Babies Start Acquiring Language in the Womb

If you and your partner are expecting a new addition to the family, now might be a good time to clean up your language. New research suggests that babies begin to pick up language from within the womb. » 1/09/13 12:00pm 1/09/13 12:00pm

How the Internet Helps Deaf Science Students Create New Signs

How do you learn a concept if there is no word for it? That's a question people who are deaf and pursuing science often struggle with. The answer is not exactly easy, and involves a group effort across the non-hearing community. » 12/04/12 2:40pm 12/04/12 2:40pm

Study: Tone Deaf People Can’t Hear Emotion In Speech Either

A study by researchers at Macquarie University has found that people with congential amusia-tone deafness-also have a harder time deciphering emotional cues in speech. That's right; if you don't get Bach, you probably don't get your barista. » 10/31/12 10:37am 10/31/12 10:37am

How We Identify Single Voices in a Crowd

There are plenty of human abilities that we take for granted, but which are actually insanely complex. Like picking out a single voice buried amongst the noise of a crowded environment, a problem which has troubled scientists for decades. But now they've worked out how we do it—and it could revolutionize speech… » 4/18/12 1:20pm 4/18/12 1:20pm

Are the iPod Generation Ruining Their Hearing For Good?

Pardon? What you say? Apparently the ear-bud touting masses are ruining their hearing, one Justin Bieber song at a time. Because one in five Americans over the age of 12 have hearing loss in at least one ear. » 11/17/11 4:15am 11/17/11 4:15am

A 29-Year-Old Woman Hears Herself for the First Time Thanks to Hearing…

Sloan Churman, deaf for 29 years, will get to see life in a completely different light now because of Cochlear Implants. Technology is such a wonderful thing. [Youtube via Boing Boing] » 10/01/11 12:00am 10/01/11 12:00am

The Man Who Sees With His Ears

Daniel Kish lost his eyesight when he was 13 months old. For most of his youth, he functioned fine without a walking stick. He mountain bikes. He camps alone. He moves through cities handily. All thanks to advanced echolocation abilities. » 5/21/11 4:00pm 5/21/11 4:00pm

The Hearing Aid Gets Hip [dupe]

Forgive my ignorance, but the Siemens miniTek hearing aid "audio system" is the first I've seen that combines Bluetooth, mp3 and other wireless controls with the traditional sound-boost typically associated with these devices. Did the hearing aid just get cool? » 10/17/10 3:00pm 10/17/10 3:00pm