Songbird Flexfit Disposable Hearing Aid is 50X Cheaper Than Typical Ones

The Songbird Flexfit is an $80 disposable hearing aid, the first of its kind, and it was developed by the Sarnoff Corporation, the same company behind HDTV. It's a one-size-fits-all behind-the-ear device for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who aren't ready to plunk down thousands of dollars on a typical… »6/18/08 12:08pm6/18/08 12:08pm

$20,000 Oticon Epoq Bluetooth Stereo Hearing Aid Also Manages iPod, Phone

Over at Gadget Lab, Charlie Sorrel is talking about his deaf friend's super-sweet insanely-expensive hearing aid. The Oticon Epoq's UK price is £10,000; for the cash, you get two earpieces wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to render more accurate 3D sound images inside the wearer's head. With all the obvious tech… »10/24/07 10:37am10/24/07 10:37am

Diamond-Encrusted, Solid 24k Gold Hearing Aid? Say What?

As if we weren't sick and tired enough of the whole diamond-encrusted solid gold bling craze that's going on right now, this Widex diamond-encrusted solid 24-carat gold hearing aid beats all, giving new meaning to the term "golden ears." You know, we don't even like to use the word "bling." Shit, now we've used it… »8/23/07 10:49am8/23/07 10:49am

Phonak Audéo Personal Communication Assistant, Used to be Called a Hearing Aid

Since we last told you about Phonak hearing aids a year and a half ago, the Swiss company's made strides to further advance the devices' compact form factor and high-fidelity sound. The new Audéo Personal Communication Assistant (PCA) is available in two different styles and 15 color combinations. It's discreetly… »8/15/07 3:45pm8/15/07 3:45pm