iPhone Heart Monitor Tracks Your Heartbeat Unless You Are Dead

Here's a really cool application for the iPhone: Heart Monitor uses the iPhone microphone-especially the one built into your headphones-to record and track your heartbeat from your chest, wrist or neck. Watching the video, it looks like it will be a perfect application for both sports people and hypochondriacs, even… » 9/29/08 8:20am 9/29/08 8:20am

VitalJacket: Heart Monitor And T-Shirt in One

Some of the same kind of health telemetry that the French army may be using could be yours in the new VitalJacket product. It's a smart T-shirt with a built-in electrocardiogram monitor, designed for both medical diagnostics and sports fitness uses. It's supposed to be less awkward than conventional devices, as well… » 4/21/08 7:38am 4/21/08 7:38am

French Army to Get Aliens-Like Biomonitors

Soldiers in the French army will have their heart rate, BP and other vital signs monitored by telemetry à la the troops in Aliens as part of the next-gen combat suit due around 2015. The FELIN system —Fantassin à Équipements et Liaisons Intégrés— will now include this health-status uplink so commanders can check on… » 4/17/08 11:45am 4/17/08 11:45am