​LG is Building a Smartwatch With An Enormous Battery 

I have a hard time caring about smartwatches. They sound neat, but most of them have tiny batteries that can barely last a couple days. Why can't someone make a watch that both looks swanky and has a decent sized battery? Well, LG just did: it's called the Watch Urbane LTE. » 2/26/15 3:20pm 2/26/15 3:20pm

Fitbit Charge HR Review: This Is The One You Want

Fitbit is such a tease. In October, the company announced three new fitness trackers just in time for the holiday gift-giving season—but decided not to ship two of them till 2015. Well, having now spent time with the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge, we believe the Charge HR is the one you want. » 2/04/15 1:01pm 2/04/15 1:01pm

SMS BioSport: Earbuds That Read Your Heartbeat But Don't Make It Thump

Sensors are everywhere—in our phones, watches, and shoes. And now our earphones, too. The SMS BioSport heart rate-sensing earbuds aim to be the audio companion of choice for all you marathon runners, mountain bikers, and other hardcore athlete types who need to know your beats per minute on a daily basis. » 12/23/14 10:20am 12/23/14 10:20am

Fitbit Charge Finally Arrives, Charge HR and Surge Land in 2015

The worst-kept gadget secret in recent history is no longer secret at all. The new Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge fitness trackers are official. Here's everything you need to know. » 10/27/14 9:00am 10/27/14 9:00am

Basis Peak: A Powerful Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Envy

From the very beginning, the Basis Band wanted to do more than the Fitbit and Nike competition. With high-tech sensors designed to monitor your heart rate and sweat levels — not just your flailing arms — it was one of the first, best activity trackers on the market. It was also an ugly little cretin, but the… » 9/30/14 7:00am 9/30/14 7:00am

Watching 24 Hours of Someone's Heartbeat Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

As visualizations go, this is a simple one: it simply shows the heartbeats of Jen Lowe from the last 24 hours, gently pulsing as a big, bold, red screen. And it is insanely mesmerizing. » 3/27/14 7:00am 3/27/14 7:00am

Report: Spotify Wants to Tailor Playlists By Heart Rate and Movement

If your workouts never quite gel with your soundtrack, help may soon be at hand. The Guardian is reporting that Spotify has plans to measure heart rate and motion to help choose you the perfect playlist for any situation. » 1/20/14 8:13am 1/20/14 8:13am

Epson's Activity Trackers Keep an Eye On Your Heart Rate

Because you are not allowed to be a company anymore if you don't make an activity tracker, Epson is getting in on the action with its first two entries into the product category. While most of these are a dime a dozen, Epson's Pulsense products might actually have a leg up on their competition: Built-in heart-rate… » 1/06/14 7:22pm 1/06/14 7:22pm

Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review: A Circle Behind the Curve

Everybody and their mother has brought an activity tracker to market in the last year, but it actually makes sense that Polar—a company with a long history making heart rate monitors—would get into the game. Unfortunately, their first stab at a fitness monitor feels more like a first-draft. » 12/04/13 4:00pm 12/04/13 4:00pm

A Cheap Pair of Headphones Can Accurately Measure Your Heart Rate

There's a plethora of devices out there that let athletes, amateur doctors, and even hypochondriacs constantly monitor their heart rates. But thanks to researchers at the Kaiteki Institute in Japan, soon all you may need to keep tabs on your ticker is a cheap pair of in-ear headphones. » 10/25/13 9:23am 10/25/13 9:23am

Guy Maps His Heart Rate During Game of Thrones Red Wedding Scene

If you somehow managed to magically avoid all hints at what happens during Game of Thrones' now-infamous Red Wedding scene, stop reading now. Because one man hooked himself up to an Arduino and PulseSensor to track his heart rate during the episode, and spoilers abound (kind of maybe if you have really good eyesight). » 9/11/13 5:40pm 9/11/13 5:40pm

Your Web Cam Can See Your Heart Rate, Which Isn't Creepy At All

Sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen for 12 hours a day on Chatroulette can't be good for you. So while you webcam the hours away you can also keep tabs on your health with this app that can determine your heart rate based on the constant discoloration as blood pumps in and out of your forehead. » 4/16/13 2:20pm 4/16/13 2:20pm

Future Fords Adapt and React To Driver Anxiety

Cars are cutting you off on the highway. Your pulse quickens. You need to concentrate. What you really need is absolute silence—no phone calls, no music. In this kind of situation, a new stress-sensing system developed by Ford would shut down the distractions the moment driving becomes tense. » 6/28/12 9:20am 6/28/12 9:20am

Body Organs Can Send Status Updates To Your Cellphone

Currently, if a cardiac patient's heart rate gets too high the implanted defibrillator in their chest gives them a friendly remedial shock to avoid a heart attack. But that could soon change—by giving hearts their very own IP addresses. » 10/10/10 10:00am 10/10/10 10:00am

Heart Rate Monitor For Nike+ To Track Your Ticker

It's been a long time coming, but finally Nike has teamed up with Polar for a wearable heart-rate monitor that works with the Nike+ SportBand and iPod Sport Kit. » 6/08/10 12:42pm 6/08/10 12:42pm

You Can Soon Track Your Heart Rate With Your iPhone

The iPhone heart rate monitor prototype by Corventis will of course be useful by people who actually need to keep track of their heart health, but it could actually be used as a unique physical input device for apps. » 10/09/09 7:40pm 10/09/09 7:40pm

12 Minutes of iPod Lovin' a Day Will Keep Your Heart Healthy

I've got a playlist that never fails to make my heart go boom-baboom-baboom just a bit faster. According to a study from the University of Belgrade, 12 minutes of that playlist a day might actually leave me healthier and happier. » 9/10/09 1:00am 9/10/09 1:00am

Nike+iPod Patent Shows Heart Rate, Temperature and Hydration Monitors

The main complaints about the current Nike+ Gear aren't that it doesn't do a good job keeping track of how far you run, it's that it doesn't measure stuff like heart rate, body temperature and other factors runners care about. Nike hears you. Their latest patent for upcoming Nike+ gear expands on the current concept… » 4/27/08 4:30pm 4/27/08 4:30pm