Harion Glass Speakers Look Like They're Worth A Fortune, Because They…

Japanese firm Hario just came up with this rather beautiful new speaker system, dubbed Harion. So far, so groovy. It's made of heat-resistant glass (the first to be like it, according to Hario) and the woofer, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers proved so complex to create that it took a small army of companies—23… » 12/01/08 10:45am 12/01/08 10:45am

Matsushita to Produce Heat-Proof Batteries

Matsushita, the out-of-wedlock mother of Panasonic, has announced that it will be producing spark-resistant laptops batteries. This is in response to the recent big-bada-booms caused by overheating Sony batteries. Matsushita already controls 13 percent of the lithium-ion battery market. I'm no kind of rocket scientist, … » 12/18/06 12:08pm 12/18/06 12:08pm