Self-Refrigerating Plastic Sheets Could Make Ultimate Heatsink

Researchers at Penn State have cooked up a new plastic that can be cooled by simply running a current through it. It uses the electrocaloric effect to rearrange its individual atoms when charged, allowing for heat to more easily come and go. By wrapping up a chip in the stuff and zapping it with current, researchers… » 8/12/08 1:20pm 8/12/08 1:20pm

DIY Case Mod Turns Your PC Into a Gigantic Heatsink

Once PC case modder has taken his battle with heat to a whole new level using a design that is 100% passively cooled. That is to say, the entire case is one gigantic heatsink. Unfortunately, numerous problems were encountered during the project and in the end, a faulty motherboard and power supply issues made a proper… » 3/06/08 6:00pm 3/06/08 6:00pm

Check if Your 360 Will Die in One Easy Step

Granted, there is no magical way to tell whether or not you are one of the alleged 30% of Xbox 360 owners who will suffer the red rings of death. But there is an easy way to check if your unit shipped with the new heatsink Microsoft has added to later units—a feature that we're guessing gives you a much higher chance… » 8/03/07 9:55am 8/03/07 9:55am

Microsoft Adding Extra GPU Cooling to Retail Xbox 360 Elites

Apparently Microsoft has started adding extra GPU cooling to new retail Xbox 360 elites in order to stave off overheating problems (and the three red lights) the units may be having. These added heatsinks were only previously found in refurbished Xbox 360s in Europe, which meant we were pretty much SOL. Ben Heck… » 7/31/07 1:00pm 7/31/07 1:00pm