What Happens When You Use a Giant Construction Drill on a Car?

It's quite simple really, the car gets completely destroyed, screwed and mangled in every which way possible. The TR-150 construction drill completely eats the car alive to the point where it can no longer drill it anymore, it has to smash and pulverize it. Using construction tools for destruction is a beautiful… » 6/07/13 9:00pm 6/07/13 9:00pm

Some Guy Went on an Insanely Destructive Rampage on a Bulldozer

Holy crap. You know in Grand Theft Auto when you're trying to destroy everything—cars, homes, the entire street—in your way while racking up as many police officers on your tail just for giggles? That actually happened in real life. A 51-year-old man went on a ridiculous rampage on his bulldozer destroying four… » 5/14/13 1:00am 5/14/13 1:00am

Floating Cranes Are Unnatural, Physics-Defying Monstrosities

Those coolhunters over at Oobject have uncovered another gem of engineering: the floating crane. Because the cranes require a massive superstructure and a relatively shallow hull, designers have to approach them pretty much the opposite way they approach typical ship design. They weigh many thousands of tons, and yet… » 11/28/08 8:00pm 11/28/08 8:00pm

20 of the Biggest, Baddest Boring Machines (the Right Kind of Boring)

Sometimes, you just need a huge fucking hole dug. Enter the world's most interesting boring machines—all big enough to Chunnel their way under vast bodies of water, massive gem mines, that kind of thing. Huge well-ventilated rotating digging heads are the name of the game here—good to ogle from the safety of the… » 10/01/08 6:00pm 10/01/08 6:00pm

Russian Billionaire Buys World's Largest Drill, Swears He Won't Drill…

The following is not the plot to an upcoming Bond film: Russian bootstrap billionaire and Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich announced that his construction company, Infrastruktura, would spend $160 million on the world's largest drill. The drill, five meters wider than the current champ, built by the same… » 3/27/08 1:20pm 3/27/08 1:20pm