Heineken's Countertop Sub Chills Beer Colder Than Your Fridge Can

Our kitchens have become a warzone for beverage makers battling to get their drink dispensing appliances on our counters. Pod-based coffeemakers and soda carbonators have taken an early lead, but now Heineken's decided to enter the fray with a sleek beer dispenser called The Sub that promises to chill your suds to… »10/21/13 4:00pm10/21/13 4:00pm


Heineken Wanted Beer Bottles To Be Bricks For People In Need

Beer and soda companies are doing bottle redesigns left and right lately, and like so many things these overhauls seem to be motivated by brand appeal aka money. But you kind of can't blame manufacturers for wanting to, you know, sell more of their product or whatever. Free market! Anyway. It wasn't always like this.… »6/02/13 7:15pm6/02/13 7:15pm

This Beer Should be Product Placement for the Next Tron Movie

I don't even drink beer, but what I wouldn't give for one of these 3D-printed beer cases that were gifted to Heineken's stakeholders. With the bottle's label printed in UV-sensitive ink, it only figures that the case (3D-printed by Freedom of Creation) should have a UV light installed inside, activated once the case's… »3/15/11 9:20am3/15/11 9:20am

The Heineken Jacuzzi Bubbles Over With Beer Drinking Fun...and Possibly Vomit

I'm not sure who built this jacuzzi nor do I have all the details on its construction, but I have to give credit to the people behind it. Those Heineken crates look like they make a decent framework and they ensure that a warm, possibly hot beer is never out of arms reach. Actually, it could use a little work on that… »6/12/08 2:40pm6/12/08 2:40pm