Pantech Matrix Dual Sliding Phone Has More Buttons Than Sense

Formed from the same genetic ooze as Pantech's Slide Duo smartphone and rebranded Helio Ocean handset, the Matrix is a mildly frustrating device: spec'd with the best, but dressed in the worst. An HSDPA-enabled handset with GPS, a full QWERTY keyboard in addition to a dialpad, and two cameras should have the software… »10/14/08 5:30am10/14/08 5:30am

Virgin Mobile's First Helio-App Handset Due September 28th: The Shuttle

Virgin Mobile USA is soon to launch its first handset that uses tech from newly acquired Helio. Just as predicted »9/10/08 1:00pm9/10/08 1:00pm, the slider phone will indeed include advanced features like social networking and other mobile services "through partnerships with Accuweather, ESPN, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo!" and others.…

Phew: Keep Your Advanced Features When Your Helio Turns Into Virgin

In today's news of Virgin buying Helio for 39 million dollars, it has been revealed that the advanced features Helio was known for (and paid dearly for in the end) will be ported over as Virgin takes over operations. The infrastructure will also allow future handsets from Virgin to include modern day amenities like… »6/27/08 12:00pm6/27/08 12:00pm

Helio Stores And Kiosks Closing Soon, Company In Trouble?

A tipster told us that the talks between Virgin Mobile and SK Telecom/Helio are going nowhere, with Virgin backing out unless there's some sort of bankruptcy declaration or huge liquidation. Our tipster says that Helio's corporate stores and kiosks will be closing very soon, which is backed up by similar info from … »6/20/08 12:59pm6/20/08 12:59pm

Virgin and SK Telecom Actually In Talks Despite SK's Denials

Even though SK Telecom denied being in talks with Virgin Mobile to merge it and the Helio brands, Virgin Mobile is having none of it. VM said that they were in the "early stages" of discussions, but there aren't any "assurances that any transaction will result." Sounds like someone at Virgin is using the press as a… »5/14/08 10:45pm5/14/08 10:45pm

Helio Ocean 2 Hits FCC, First Impression is Same-Old Same-Old

The FCC has just leaked this image of Helio's Ocean 2. How do we know that? Well, it's carrying an OZ2 model and OZ was the alternative moniker of the original Helio Ocean. We can't tell much else from the drawing, such as whether the Mark 2 Ocean will have the dual slider of its older brother, but we can see the body… »3/29/08 6:30pm3/29/08 6:30pm

Buddy Beacon 2.0 Launches Facebook and iPhone Apps, Reaches Multiple Carriers

Buddy Beacon, the friend-finding service so beloved by Helio users, is to widen its circle of friends, as of today. As well as being available on multiple carriers (which means that you and your mates don't need to share the same mobile provider) version 2.0 includes applications for Facebook and iPhone, which will… »2/13/08 9:59am2/13/08 9:59am

Helio and Buzzd Make Location-based Yelp-like Service For Your Phone

Yelp is great, but what if you could find restaurants and clubs based on where you are right now? Thanks to Helio phones' GPS service and the Buzzd software, you can. It works as a built-in app on your Helio phone (the two companies partnered up today) and will allow you to even message your friends to update them on… »2/06/08 1:23pm2/06/08 1:23pm