Helio Copies Apple, Launches Retail Store Complete With Hipster Aesthetics

Helio, the "don't call is a phone" cellphone company behind the Drift, just launched its flagship retail store in Santa Monica and they've done a really good job at replicating the Apple Store style and motif. Just like the Apple Store, Helio's neighborhood shoppe features big, wide open spaces perfect for lectures,… »11/21/06 2:15pm11/21/06 2:15pm

Mio C250 GPS Device Hits UK Running: They Still Make Standalone GPS Devices?

Gizmodo loves it some GPS and resident GPS nerd Charlie White recently drove around his neck of the woods with several thousand of them simultaneously yelling at him to turn right . One of the featured GPS units is by Mio, who have just unleashed its C250 navigation system over in Albion. (The UK, folks.) The big news… »11/13/06 3:09pm11/13/06 3:09pm

Helio Drift Phone with Google Maps Plus GPS Buddy Stalking

Helio's Drift, which we wrote about awhile back, has just gone official. What makes this phone special is that it ships with google maps, as well as an integrated GPS module. Cool, but cooler is that it adds dodgeball-like meat space social networking with its Buddy Beacon. Flip it on, and friend with the same phone… »11/09/06 4:46am11/09/06 4:46am