First Helio Fin Review and Full Gallery

The Fin clamshell is Helio's best looking piece of hardware, bar none. (And pun intended.) Samsung's Ultra designers made sure of that, giving the phone an 11.4mm thick profile, OLED external screen, and sturdy magnesium shell, making it almost as thin as an iPhone, but not quite as slim as a candybar like the Sony… » 8/16/07 6:15pm 8/16/07 6:15pm

Sizemodo: Helio Fin vs. Ocean vs. iPhone vs. HTC Touch

Here's how the Helio Fin, the thinnest clamshell in the US, stacks up against other equally thin phones. As you can see, it's pretty much the same thickness as the iPhone, which is amazing since the Fin actually flips open. It's slightly thinner than the HTC Touch, and is dwarfed by the bulge-tastic Helio Ocean. More… » 8/16/07 1:47pm 8/16/07 1:47pm

Live Helio Ocean Fin Grope [UPDATE: Archive Video Up]

Noah unboxed this baby this morning, but I'm looking forward to tearing the back out of my Fin's box right now. BTW I haven't showered, yet, so don't mind the bedhead. Hit the jump for the live video. UPDATE: Archive video of the hour-long grope is live. » 8/16/07 1:15pm 8/16/07 1:15pm

Live Helio Fin Unboxing and Grope by B.Lam in ~20 minutes using's lifecam. What music would you like in the background, nerds? (Here's our first gallery, from earlier this morning, btw.) [] » 8/16/07 12:32pm 8/16/07 12:32pm