Pantech Matrix Dual Sliding Phone Has More Buttons Than Sense

Formed from the same genetic ooze as Pantech's Slide Duo smartphone and rebranded Helio Ocean handset, the Matrix is a mildly frustrating device: spec'd with the best, but dressed in the worst. An HSDPA-enabled handset with GPS, a full QWERTY keyboard in addition to a dialpad, and two cameras should have the software… »10/14/08 5:30am10/14/08 5:30am


Helio Offers Unlimited Service for $99/Month, Refurbed Ocean for $99

Good news for people thinking of picking up a Helio Ocean: Helio has lowered its rates for its all-in plans, giving you all-you-can-eat service for $99 a month. It's also starting to offer refurbished phones through the Helio Refreshed service, with the Ocean now available refurbed for a mere $99. That's a pretty… »11/12/07 12:47pm11/12/07 12:47pm