Pantech Matrix Dual Sliding Phone Has More Buttons Than Sense

Formed from the same genetic ooze as Pantech's Slide Duo smartphone and rebranded Helio Ocean handset, the Matrix is a mildly frustrating device: spec'd with the best, but dressed in the worst. An HSDPA-enabled handset with GPS, a full QWERTY keyboard in addition to a dialpad, and two cameras should have the software… » 10/14/08 5:30am 10/14/08 5:30am

Opera Mini Browser Now on Helio Ocean, Officially

Sure, with a little third-party app hacking you've been able to get Opera running on some Helio phones for a while. But today Helio and Opera have released Opera Mini in what's the first official deployment of the tiny browser by a US service provider. Apparently Helio listened to their enthusiast community and then… » 3/19/08 9:01am 3/19/08 9:01am

Helio Offers Unlimited Service for $99/Month, Refurbed Ocean for $99

Good news for people thinking of picking up a Helio Ocean: Helio has lowered its rates for its all-in plans, giving you all-you-can-eat service for $99 a month. It's also starting to offer refurbished phones through the Helio Refreshed service, with the Ocean now available refurbed for a mere $99. That's a pretty… » 11/12/07 12:47pm 11/12/07 12:47pm

Sizemodo: Helio Fin vs. Ocean vs. iPhone vs. HTC Touch

Here's how the Helio Fin, the thinnest clamshell in the US, stacks up against other equally thin phones. As you can see, it's pretty much the same thickness as the iPhone, which is amazing since the Fin actually flips open. It's slightly thinner than the HTC Touch, and is dwarfed by the bulge-tastic Helio Ocean. More… » 8/16/07 1:47pm 8/16/07 1:47pm

Custom Apps Now Possible on Helio Ocean (Opera Mini)

Not only is the iPhone getting its third-party cherry popped, the Helio Ocean is now running third-party apps now as well. The first proof of concept app is Opera Mini, the smallish browser from Opera that lets even lousy phones browse like a star. To get it to work on your Ocean (even though the default Ocean browser… » 8/03/07 3:48pm 8/03/07 3:48pm

Helio Ocean Roundup: All The Hot Details in One Place

If you were around last week, you saw that we got ourselves a fever for the Helio Ocean and we covered the silly out of that thing. If you want to go back and see what all the fuss was about, this is the place to find it. We've got everything you could want to know about the phonedevice that Gizmodo readers prefer to… » 5/14/07 7:40pm 5/14/07 7:40pm