Dealzmodo: Samsung Helix XM2go Portable Satellite Radio Player, $40 AR

Wow. This is a pretty sweet deal. Almost a year ago we reviewed the Samsung Helix portable XM player and thoroughly liked it. Unfortunately, it carried a $400 price tag. Now, Amazon has this player for $40 after a $50 XM mail-in-rebate and $260 of instant savings off the $350 original price tag courtesy of Amazon. For… » 3/27/07 6:20pm 3/27/07 6:20pm

We Review the Samsung Helix (Verdict: We Like It)

XM's been in the news quite a bit as of late, mainly because the RIAA decided to sue the number one satellite radio company in the United States for, you know, aiding in the creation of new technology, something the RIAA would like outlawed. A lot's been written about the Pioneer Inno as being one of the main culprits, … » 5/24/06 10:01am 5/24/06 10:01am