The man who made Apple possible is in trouble—and you can help him

Perhaps you don't know John Draper aka "Captain Crunch" but, if you're using a MacBook or an iPhone today, it's because of him. He and his blue box were a fundamental inspiration for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in making Apple. He's now in trouble and needs our help. Woz has written this fascinating article so you… » 9/29/14 10:00am 9/29/14 10:00am

More Than Two Million People Still Pay AOL For Internet Access

Humans of a certain age will remember the brief period when accessing the internet meant shelling out a monthly fee to AOL. For most of us, this gave way to better business models well over a decade ago. But as Recode points out today, 2.3 million souls never got the memo. Not only that; their rates have somehow gone… » 8/06/14 8:44am 8/06/14 8:44am

Netgear Launches GearHead Home Network Support Service, Has Geek Squad…

Netgear is launching their new GearHead service, which provides support and assistance in setting up any of your home networking gear—whether it's made by Netgear or not. The brand independent service is a service in the same vein as Best Buy's Geek Squad » 11/18/08 4:40pm 11/18/08 4:40pm, except it's focused soley on home networking (and they…

Ring Mouse Causes Existential Crisis in Giz Writer

When I first saw this Ring Mouse, I thought to myself, "Great, another stupid gadget from the Far East that is an opportunity for me to shoot fish in a barrel and make some jokes." That's what I think to myself before a lot of posts, but something gave me pause this time. Am I losing my edge, becoming soft? Am I… » 6/11/07 10:00am 6/11/07 10:00am