Car Lost in a Giant Parking Garage? Try This

Sometimes you park your car in a huge garage, say, at the airport, and when you return a week later, dammit if you haven't forgotten where you parked. Hey, why not use that keyless entry remote, pushing the Lock button and listening for your car to respond with a little toot of its horn? If your wireless transmitter… » 6/01/07 12:16pm 6/01/07 12:16pm

Summer Shooting Tip: Cheap Splashproofing for Your Camera

Here's an old trick, updated with a few helpful and timely tips from our kissing cousins at Lifehacker. They point us to a photo tutorial at Instructables, showing you how to splashproof that camera if you're going to the beach, doing some waterskiing photography or shooting waterfalls this summer. You can easily and… » 7/24/06 11:23am 7/24/06 11:23am