You Can Totally Afford a Birkin Bag—If It's Made of Lego

The Hermes Birkin bag is the handbag holy grail. One costs as much as $150,000 and for years you'd have to sit on a lengthy waiting list just for the right to buy the pricey purse. The list no longer exists, but even if you're lacking an extra stack of cash you can have a Lego Birkin bag right now. » 12/07/12 10:40am 12/07/12 10:40am

Any Watch Can Tell the Time, But Few Can Actually Stop the Time

It appears that the latest must-have feature on luxury watches isn't dozens of tectonic plates; dinosaur bone fragments or the kitchen sink—it's the ability to stop the time. Imagine harried Russian oligarchs allowing their mistresses a few minutes of untimed sexytime. » 3/31/11 5:40am 3/31/11 5:40am

Watch Fingerboarding's Tony Hawk Absolutely Nail It

Fingerboarding may sound like a form of thumb torture, but it's actually using your middle and index digits to do some micro-shredding. And this here is just about as good as it gets. » 11/22/10 11:00pm 11/22/10 11:00pm

Folding Travel Belt From Hermès Will Set You Back $750

I know Hermès is a high-end brand and all, but $750 for a folding belt just takes the piss. I do like the way it folds out like a carpenter's measuring tape though—smart. [Selectism via Acquire via OhGizmo] » 5/14/10 5:13am 5/14/10 5:13am

Leica M7 Hermès Camera Gets Fondled In Lavish Hands-On Unboxing

The limited edition Hermès-designed M7 camera from Leica has been taken out of its silk-lined box by The Purse Blog, and while they don't go into actual review mode, the unboxing pics are more than enough for me to leer at. » 2/04/10 7:20am 2/04/10 7:20am

Japanese Video Installation Will Blow You Away (Literally! Ha!)

Well, I'm not really sure what this installation, from Tokujin Yoshioka for Hermes, is selling, but I'll tell you what: I'll totally buy it. It's at the Tokyo Hermes store until January 19th. Video after the jump. [Core77] » 12/05/09 2:00am 12/05/09 2:00am

Leica M7 Hermes Edition: Your Bank Account Can't Handle This…

Usually we don't bother with stupid-high-end gadget editions, because they're retardedly expensive and usually garish and ugly to boot—but the recently rumored Leica M7 Hermes edition is absolutely gorgeous and only slightly sillier-priced than the plain-jane M7 anyway. » 11/16/09 7:40pm 11/16/09 7:40pm

Super Expensive, Incredibly Limited Edition Leica M7 Hermes Could See…

If the rumors swirling this weekend are to be believed, the Leica M7 Hermes—a limited edition film camera with a run of only 100 units—will arrive on Monday for a lofty $14,000. » 11/15/09 10:00am 11/15/09 10:00am

This Is My Dream House, Except It's Not a House

I want to live here. Spacious, sunny apartment, hard wood floors, glass and steel. Except that this is not an apartment. It's not even a building. It's the strangest yacht I've seen, as these pretty shots show: » 10/02/09 11:40am 10/02/09 11:40am

Unofficial Windows Mobile 6 for HTC Hermes (Cingular 8525)

If you've got an HTC Hermes, TyTN or Cingular 8525, today's your lucky day. The guys on the XDA Dev Forums have hacked together a bunch of Windows Mobile 6 code together to make a version that works on your phone. It's very unofficial, to be sure, and is missing stuff like voice calling, PTT, Live! Mobile, Smart… » 2/27/07 7:55pm 2/27/07 7:55pm

HTC Hermes/TyTN/DoPod 838Pro Reviewed (Verdict: With Great Power Comes…

We've covered the TyTN before (pretty extensively), so this is more of a reminder that there is an option besides the Sprint PPC-6700/Verizon XV6700/Cingular 8125/T-Mobile MDA if you want a smartphone with a keyboard. » 10/17/06 6:30pm 10/17/06 6:30pm

HTC Herald is the HTC Hermes/TyTN's Successor

The latest HTC phone with a slide-out keyboard is the HTC Herald, the successor to the HTC Hermes. The Herald is thinner, at 18mm versus the Hermes' 22mm, but vomits a camera and some processor power to do so. Luckily for us, everything else is the same. The phone still has a 2-megapixel camera, QVGA touch-screen,… » 10/06/06 7:10pm 10/06/06 7:10pm

Cingular 8525 Pictures Surfaced to Mixed Reactions

Over the weekend some pictures of Cingular's HTC Hermes knockoff hit the web over at the forums. This is supposedly an upgrade from the 8125, but unfortunately it has had the front-facing camera removed, therefore making video conferencing null and void. We'll keep you posted as more info about this… » 8/21/06 11:54am 8/21/06 11:54am

Dopod 838 Pro - HTC Hermes Based PDA Phone

The Dopod 838 Pro is pretty much the same as the HTC Hermes/TyTN, but repackaged with a 360-degree jog wheel for navigation inside the Windows Mobile 5.0 interface. Like the TyTN, the 838 Pro has 802.11g WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, quad-band GSM, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA. » 8/03/06 5:09pm 8/03/06 5:09pm

HTC Breeze Photos and HTC Hermes Final Specs

The hotly anticipated Windows Mobile phone, the HTC Hermes, gets its specs finalized—no more guesstimating. The processor is a speedy 400MHz, and the phone has 128MB of RAM with 128MB of internal memory for storage. Bluetooth, WiFi, 2.0 megapixel camera and QWERTY keypad are still there. » 6/12/06 7:56pm 6/12/06 7:56pm

HTC Goes Where No Phone Has Gone Before, Sorta

Two phone updates from HTC, via MSMobiles, today. The one above is an HTC Hermes smartphone. You can see it's got a QWERTY keyboard, and that's a 2.1 Megapixel camera with flash in the upper corner. It's also carrying a video camera, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth and a 320 x 240 QVGA screen. Now for the flurry of… » 10/24/05 11:20am 10/24/05 11:20am