Huge Erections: What’s Driving The Rise Of Super Towers?

Is it just us or are towers getting taller and taller these days? Broad Group, a Chinese developer, recently announced plans to scale up its prefabricated building technology to unparalleled proportions. The proposed Sky City outside Changsha will be the tallest on earth at 838 m or 2,749 ft, just barely inching past… »5/24/13 3:40pm5/24/13 3:40pm

Bird's Nest Architects' Latest Unveiling: A Vertigo-Inducing Jenga Apartment Tower in NYC

Fresh off the billions of eyes that have been on the beautiful Beijing National Stadium, Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron have set their sights on NYC with this incredible 57-story residential tower, unveiled today. It consists of 145 unique apartments that are stacked into the sky like a Jenga tower that's… »9/15/08 7:40pm9/15/08 7:40pm

Chinese Farmers Build Birds Nest Stadium Out of Bamboo

The Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed "The Bird's Nest," has already become an icon in the country of 1.3 billion. But for some farmers close to Hangzhou (located in the southeast of China), the Herzog & de Meuron structure was just too darn far away... so in a fit of DIY ingenuity, they built their own replica out… »8/10/08 2:00pm8/10/08 2:00pm