Video: HexBug Nano Newtons Are As Loathsome As Real Insects

If your children are a bit too at ease with insects, grabbing ants or putting ladybugs into their tiny chocolate-ringed mouths as they are wont to do, introduce your little ones to bugs' terrifying, too-fast-to-keep-track-of nature with HexBug Nano Newtons. » 2/17/10 5:00pm 2/17/10 5:00pm

Bandai Hex Bug Robotic Crab is Just like Real Thing, With Less Pinching

Digging around in beach rock pools for crabs was always fun when I was a kid, though it brought the risk of a nip to your fingers if you weren't careful: not a problem from these robotic crabs. Latest in the Hex Bug line from Bandai, the toys are designed to look, move and behave a little like the real deal. When you… » 7/14/08 4:28am 7/14/08 4:28am