Merging Hexapod Bots and Flying Quadrotors Is Humanity's Biggest Mistake

The world might not be ending today, but humanity has officially started the countdown clock to our demise with this ill-fated creation. As if six-legged crawling hexapod bots weren't already creepy enough, the folks at Mad Lab Industries decided they needed the ability to fly. So they merged one with a six rotor… »12/21/12 2:40pm12/21/12 2:40pm


Hexapod Robot Dance-Off Is the Future of Bad Teen Dance Flicks

What you are about to see is real footage of a real event. From the 3rd annual Austrian Hexapod Championships, watch robots dance it off in extreme competition, surprisingly, without a single tongue-in-cheek reference to the dance known as the robot. If one of these entrants looks familiar, that's because he is.… »11/10/08 11:00am11/10/08 11:00am