Crank 2: High Voltage Being Shot With Cheapo Best Buy HD Cameras, Still Ridiculous

Apparently, the only thing crazier than Crank 2: High Voltage's plot (Jason Statham survives falling a thousand stories from a helicopter, thanks to his super adrenaline heart, which is stolen by a really old Chinese dude, and his mechanical replacement needs to be constantly zapped, hence the awesome title) is the… »5/02/08 8:30pm5/02/08 8:30pm


Canon Vixa HF10 Camcorder Reviewed (Verdict: Best AVCHD to Date)

If you have been waiting for a camcorder that gets AVCHD right, the folks at Camcorder Info have some good news. According to their recent review, the Canon Vixia HF10 may have finally brought the format into its own. When compared to an HDV camcorder, the quality of the HF10's images (artifacts, sharpness, color, low… »3/11/08 7:30pm3/11/08 7:30pm