Spotify Just Added a Surprisingly Exciting Equalizer to Its iOS App

Remember equalizers? You know, the little dials that used to keep your tiny boombox speakers from tweaking out at high volume but have sort of disappeared in the world of digital music. Well, they're making a comeback in the latest update to Spotify's iOS app, and I'm unduly excited about it. » 7/29/14 10:15am 7/29/14 10:15am

KnobFeel: Extensive Reviews of Nothing But Knobs

At this point, the hi-fi stereo market is inundated with enough high quality, pristine-gut-bearing machines that it makes it nearly impossible to draw distinctions between different models' reviews, so you might as well toss 'em—they're worthless! Because one industrious young (sounding) knob turner has taken care… » 4/09/13 11:20am 4/09/13 11:20am

This Concrete Media Console Is Real Heavy, Man

Brainchild of German designer Rafael Cichy, this ultra-modern media console made of molded concrete isn't quite born to rock, but it's not far off. » 10/29/12 7:39am 10/29/12 7:39am

Marshall's First Stab at Home Audio Will Rock Your Apartment Hard

Marshall branding makes anything look instantly cool: from fridges to headphones. Now you can add home audio to that list. » 9/03/12 10:00am 9/03/12 10:00am

Sonos Updates Its Software—Promises Android Tablet Control, Spotify and…

Sonos Inc, makers of wireless HiFi stereo systems, announced a system software update today that promises a host of new features as well as deeper integration with two of the Internet's largest streaming music providers. Here's what's new. » 11/30/11 3:01am 11/30/11 3:01am

$650 "Audio Vibration Neutralizing" Board Would Be More Effective As a…

Look, I understand audiophiles are willing to try anything to get to audio nirvana, but spending $650 on a glorified chopping board shouldn't be on the list. You'd have better luck replacing your cables with coathangers, srsly. » 7/05/11 8:33am 7/05/11 8:33am

If Your Eyes Were Ripped Out, Put Onto Skewers and Turned Into Speakers

I should think Hannibal Lector would've liked SW Speakers' Figaro speakers. In fact, he probably would've played Bach's Goldberg Variations while chewing the faces off a few unsuspecting guys. But don't let that put you off this well-designed Swedish-Austrian model. » 5/16/11 1:40pm 5/16/11 1:40pm

Now This is an Amplifier...

...Even if it is just a prototype. In fact, it's a student's project from a Krakow fine arts university, which just goes to show that some of the best designs don't necessarily come from the R&D labs of tech companies. » 4/14/11 6:40am 4/14/11 6:40am

Eat Your Sea Bass On Some Drum 'N Bass

Small house? Designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer have converged the coffee table with the sound system in the ultimate space-saver. Just connect an audio source to the Acoustable and put your feet up. [DesignBoom via Freshome via BornRich] » 1/31/11 8:00am 1/31/11 8:00am

Collage Exhibition Contemplates Aesthetic Horrors of the 70s

Funny how electronics of the 70s were better dressed than the people who used them, no? Mixed-media artist David "Netherland" van Alphen tackles the decade's blighted fashions and obsession with sound in a new show at San Francisco's Gallery 1988. » 8/17/10 10:20am 8/17/10 10:20am

Audiophile's 20,000-Watt Home Sound Studio Took 48 Years to Build

How long did it take you to set up your audio system? Dick Burwen's been at his for 48 years—and he still isn't finished. » 7/27/10 4:10am 7/27/10 4:10am

Orbitsound's T12 Soundbar Designed By Ex-Musician

Helmed by English musician Ted Fletcher (who's worked with Jethro Tull, The Who, and other bands), Orbitsound's new T12 soundbar has a new way of creating pseudo surround sound—spatial stereo technology, they call it. » 6/03/10 8:20am 6/03/10 8:20am

Blocks of Life Bubbling in the Orion Nebula

It's confirmed: Space is bubbling with the potential for life. The Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared—on board the Herschel Space Observatory—has sent a high resolution analysis of the Orion Nebula's chemistry. It has scientists very excited. » 3/10/10 9:40am 3/10/10 9:40am

Fighting Mormon Cricket Invasions With Hard Rock and Boom Boxes

Mormon crickets are insects with multiple wives who live in Utah, travelling to Nevada to eat crops and play craps—or something like that. I'm not David Attenborough, ok? One real thing: They hate rock music. » 4/24/09 1:00pm 4/24/09 1:00pm

How To: Calibrate Your Turntable For the Best Possible Sound

Did our Listening Test week light up the fire inside to dust off some old records and whip a turntable back into shape to start enjoying them again? It's really easy, and cheap. Here's how. » 4/18/09 12:00pm 4/18/09 12:00pm

Generic $25 Stereo Beats $1,100 Sound Systems

Proving that more expensive is not always better, a $25 "value" stereo system has obliterated $1,000 equipment from Sony and JVC in a British customer choice award as voted on by 500,000 people. » 4/17/09 8:30am 4/17/09 8:30am

Harion Glass Speakers Look Like They're Worth A Fortune, Because They…

Japanese firm Hario just came up with this rather beautiful new speaker system, dubbed Harion. So far, so groovy. It's made of heat-resistant glass (the first to be like it, according to Hario) and the woofer, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers proved so complex to create that it took a small army of companies—23… » 12/01/08 10:45am 12/01/08 10:45am

Marantz Dock Does Wireless Bluetooth Streaming From Your iPod

This IS301 dock system from Marantz looks pretty swish, particularly as the dock part can be rotated for wall-mounting, but it's a little confusing. It adds Bluetooth remote streaming to your hi-fi, which is nice, can charge iPods (including touch, but not iPhone) when it's powered up, and it allows for direct control… » 11/24/08 7:05am 11/24/08 7:05am

iPod Speaker System by Jean-Michel Jarre's Has Le Style

Jean-Michel Jarre has stopped twiddling with his synthesizer long enough to design this iPod dock/speaker system dubbed Aerosystems, and it's undeniably stylish. And un petit peu » 10/22/08 9:15am 10/22/08 9:15am phallic. It's aimed at the top-end of the dock market, since it's specifically designed to deliver high-quality audio: the circuitry in its…

1960s Braun Products Hold the Secrets to Apple's Future

The year 2008 marks the 10th Anniversary of the iMac, the computer that changed everything at Apple, hailing a new design era spearheaded by design genius Jonathan Ive. What most people don't know is that there's another man whose products are at the heart of Ive's design philosophy, an influence that permeates every » 1/14/08 10:30am 1/14/08 10:30am