Reconcile Your LHC Shutdown Sadness With a Higgs Boson Watch

Are you having a hard time dealing with the Large Hadron Collider's two-year maintenance shutdown? Do you miss waking up every morning to the potential of another big particle discovery in the news? Then strap this awesomely animated Higgs Boson watch to your wrist as a reminder that in no time the LHC will be back in… » 4/15/13 9:49am 4/15/13 9:49am

The Higgs Boson Discovery Just Got More Certain

At the start of July, scientists announced that they'd discovered what they strongly believed to be the Higgs Boson, a particle that's believed to be the key to unifying the standard and quantum models of physics. Now, after a handful more experiments, they're even more certain that they've finally got it. » 8/01/12 9:03am 8/01/12 9:03am

Physicists Have Found the Higgs Boson

At a meeting held at CERN this morning, scientists presented the latest results from the search for the long-sought Higgs particle. After 30 years of research and $9 billion of investment, they've changed the face of physics forever: they've found the Higgs boson. » 7/04/12 5:00am 7/04/12 5:00am

Scientists Looking for the Force Finally Put CERN's Large Hadron…

Click to viewCERN's scientists, the fine people who brought us the W and Z particles, anti-hydrogen atoms and hyperlinked porn sites web pages, are now hard at work building the Large Hadron Collider to discover something even cooler: the Force. Yes, that Force. Or like physicists call it, the Higgs boson, a particle… » 2/22/08 9:30am 2/22/08 9:30am