Star Gaze in the City, Take Out an Elk, and Chat with Friends

Chatting with all your friends on your phone usually can mean switching between five IM clients at once. Well, today you can save a few bucks by chatting in the one IM client to rule them… okay, sorry about that. Plus: keep an eye on the stars for free and go hunting for Bambi and all his woodland friends. I hear… »12/06/11 4:00pm12/06/11 4:00pm

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Streams from Hard Drives on the Cheap

Western Digital, better known for storage than HD video equipment, looks to have thrown their hat into the video streaming ring with the WD TV HD Media Player. With two USB 2.0 drives working simultaneously, you can plug in your USB storage and stream to your HDTV in 1080p over HDMI or composite. The diminutive box… »11/01/08 8:00pm11/01/08 8:00pm

Buckypaper: Silly Name, Incredibly Strong and Light Material

Flying in a plane made of a material called 'buckypaper' may not seem too appealing at first, but this new type of carbon nanotube may be the future of lightweight, high strength composite. Discovered accidentally while trying to create the same conditions that exist in a star, buckypaper is far from reaching its… »10/18/08 7:45pm10/18/08 7:45pm

Binaural Beats Audio Played Through Noise Canceling Headphones Supposedly Gives You a Drug-Like High

The site I-Doser makes the seemingly remarkable claim that playing binaural beats-pulses of two different frequencies that are slightly different into both ears at the same time-can give you a high that's on par with taking drugs. The Jerusalem Post claims that the concept has been around since the 1830s, but has only… »8/20/08 2:20pm8/20/08 2:20pm

Blockbuster's Blu-ray Endorsement Having Major Impact on HD DVD Player Sales

Click to viewBlockbuster's decision to support Blu-ray in all of its 1,450 stores is having a bigger impact than it seems. A tipster at an unnamed retailer tells us they've had more HD DVD player orders canceled over the last few days than they've seen over the entire life cycle. The kicker? All of them were canceled… »6/19/07 4:00pm6/19/07 4:00pm