Dish Network 1080p Compared to Blu-ray 1080p (Verdict: Not Bad)

At face value, "1080p high definition" means 1920×1080 pixels presented progressive scan (all at once). But if a clip is 1080p that alone doesn't necessitate that it will look good. Just as you can stretch a thumbnail in Photoshop to any gargantuan size you like, so too can content providers give you ugly 1080p. So… »10/10/08 5:10pm10/10/08 5:10pm

Triple Format Hitachi DZ-BD10HA Blu-ray Camcorder Also Writes to HD and SDHC

For folks who smartly don't want to be locked into any particular format, the DZ-BD10HA adds the option to record 1080p videos and stills to its built-in 30GB hard drive or an SDHC card, on top of mini-Blu-ray discs. A dubbing feature also promises to dump footage from the SD card or HD directly to mini Blu-ray for… »8/11/08 12:45pm8/11/08 12:45pm

Canon Vixia HF11, HG20 and HG21 Camcorders Priced For U.S., Getting Solid Early Reviews

Three new Canon cams including the successor to the HF10, one of last year's best AVCHD 'corders, are now officially bound for the U.S. after details hit in Japan a few weeks back. has already gotten their hands on an HF11 review unit, and liked what they saw-full HD capture at 1920x1080, dual flash… »8/07/08 1:55pm8/07/08 1:55pm

Ten Million Pixel Comcast Display Wows Viewers With Un-throttled Ultra HD Video

Love 'em or hate 'em, Comcast sure knows how to throw together a 10 million pixel video display. The one seen here is available for ogling at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, and covers over 2,100 square feet of wall space with four-millimeter LED lights. The images and video that play on this super screen do so… »6/21/08 6:00pm6/21/08 6:00pm

Sony HDR-CX12 HD AVCHD Camcorder Has Face-Recognition Technology

Sony has upgraded its HDR-CX7 flash-based camcorder to include face-recognition technology and Smile Shutter, which automatically takes a still picture as soon as the subject switches to full beam. The camera records in full HD at a resolution of 920 by 1080 pixels, and has a 10-megapixel camera for still shots.… »6/19/08 4:15am6/19/08 4:15am

War Ends In 18 Months, Possibly with HD DVD Upset Victory Over Blu-ray

Sales of next-gen high-def disc players won't kick into high gear for another 18 months, says a fresh report from Forrester Research, not until they reach the $200 price point. The study didn't say whose players, though. What was once an easy call—Blu-ray by Christmas 2007—has gotten murkier, and in the most recent… »9/25/07 9:40am9/25/07 9:40am

Breaking Un-News: Fox to Not Ditch Blu-ray [UPDATED: Fox MGM Announce 29 New Titles]

Perhaps in spin-response to the Paramount news from this AM, a Blu ray Consortium rep just called me to tell me Fox is supporting Blu-ray. What's weird is that they're already supposed to be supporting Blu-ray. I guess the "news" is that Fox isn't ditching Blu-ray, as it seemed they were going to since they haven't… »8/20/07 3:20pm8/20/07 3:20pm

State of High Definition: Who's Winning the Studio Support War?

Click to viewNow that Paramount and Dreamworks Animation have just announced they will exclusively support the HD DVD format, we thought it was time to revisit the current status of studio support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD. At last check, Blu-ray had all but a few studios locked down in their camp, with HD DVD… »8/20/07 2:30pm8/20/07 2:30pm