SkyV Skylights Bring HD Virtual Nature Into Your Windowless World

Imagine being able to install a skylight into your gloomy, windowless office—even if it is located on the 10th floor of a 20 story building. One way to achieve this would be to install faux skylights with LED backlighting »11/03/08 12:30pm11/03/08 12:30pm—but stationary images take away from the illusion. On the other hand, SkyV skylights utilize high…

2008 Is the Year When HDTV Defeats Standard Definition

While high HDTV prices may have made this day seem improbable, iSuppli is reporting that HDTV shipments have outpaced SDTV shipments in 2008. And iSuppli doesn't see HDTV growth slowing any time soon, ballooning by a compound annual growth rate of 20% through 2012 when an estimated 241.2 million HDTVs will ship. By… »10/24/08 10:40am10/24/08 10:40am

Amazon Video-On-Demand Official on Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link, HD Films Too

We've been bringing you news on Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link for ages (it's that net-connected, wired, Bravia-TV compatible movie-player device »9/11/08 8:00am9/11/08 8:00am) and now Sony's announcing official support for 's Video on Demand service. So you'll have "tens of thousands of premium movies and TV shows" for the device, and more…