37 Handsome HDR Photographs

What happens when you squish together the best of underexposed and overexposed photography? You get HDR—high dynamic range images. Here are 37 examples of what HDR can do. » 3/13/14 12:00pm 3/13/14 12:00pm

Canon's In-Camera HDR Patent Will Let You Take Pictures Like This

Canon's looking to change the way you take HDR pictures. Previously, in order to capture images like these, you'd have to combine photos in post. With a new patent, the process will be done in-camera, at the pixel level. » 6/11/10 1:59pm 6/11/10 1:59pm

183 Heavenly HDR Wallpapers

There's no going wrong with HDR photography. At its most sensitive, the technique allows for color/tone gradients rarely appreciated by anything but the naked eye. At its most aggressive, HDR's a hyperreal spectacle. This week's Shooting Challenge celebrate both schools: » 4/27/10 11:20am 4/27/10 11:20am

How To: Create Stunningly Realistic High Dynamic Range Photographs

In the right hands, high dynamic range imaging can blend multiple exposures of the same scene to more closely reproduce what your eye can see. Here's how to do HDR the right way. » 3/14/09 12:00pm 3/14/09 12:00pm

Ricoh CX1 Point and Shoot Does In-Camera High Dynamic Range, 120fps…

Even if most high dynamic range photos on Flickr make you want to barf, it's still incredibly useful for creating images that match what the naked eye sees. The Ricoh CX1 does HDR images in-camera. » 2/19/09 10:27am 2/19/09 10:27am

SIM2, Dolby's High Dynamic Range TV: For Quality A-Team Viewing

Hey kids! Mr. T here, tellin' you that watching too much TV is bad for you. But if you're stuck inside, maybe you're sick with a cold or something, then this new TV by Dolby and SIM2 Multimedia might be good. It's got some cool local-dimming LED technology —1,838 of the suckas— that dynamically adjust backlighting for… » 4/01/08 7:41am 4/01/08 7:41am

HDR Photography Explained: Learn the Secrets of the Masters

You've probably seen a few of those seemingly-impossible high dynamic range (HDR) photos. They reveal magnificent details by combining a series of differently-exposed pictures of exactly the same subject, using image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS2 to bring out the highlights, midtones and shadows. » 3/02/07 9:26am 3/02/07 9:26am