SIM2, Dolby's High Dynamic Range TV: For Quality A-Team Viewing

Hey kids! Mr. T here, tellin' you that watching too much TV is bad for you. But if you're stuck inside, maybe you're sick with a cold or something, then this new TV by Dolby and SIM2 Multimedia might be good. It's got some cool local-dimming LED technology —1,838 of the suckas— that dynamically adjust backlighting for… »4/01/08 7:41am4/01/08 7:41am

HDR Photography Explained: Learn the Secrets of the Masters

You've probably seen a few of those seemingly-impossible high dynamic range (HDR) photos. They reveal magnificent details by combining a series of differently-exposed pictures of exactly the same subject, using image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS2 to bring out the highlights, midtones and shadows. »3/02/07 9:26am3/02/07 9:26am