Google Earth's New Imagery Is So Much Better

Remember how we told you that the resolution of Google Maps' satellite images would soon be improving? Well, it's not the night and day double the resolution just yet, but today Google has begun rolling out much-improved 3D images to Google Earth. New York and San Francisco are the first to get the high-res treatment,… » 12/11/14 12:21pm 12/11/14 12:21pm

Why Didn't the New 13-inch MacBook Pro Get a Higher Resolution Screen?

There's no question that the new MacBook Pros are blazingly awesome. The whole line has been rejuvenated with Sandy Bridge processors, better graphics and a lightning fast Thunderbolt I/O port. But one thing has been bothering us about the update, or rather, lack of update: The 13-inch MacBook Pro still has a lower… » 2/26/11 4:00pm 2/26/11 4:00pm

Toshiba Rolls Out 22-Inch 3840x2400 Monitor

Can you say WQUXGA? Toshiba can. According to a translated promo page, it built the 22" "super Kousei small LCD monitor" with a resolution of 3840x2400. That's 200 dots per inch! Toshiba admits, though, that the contrast ratio is 300:1, pretty bad even if you don't believe in contrast-ratio reporting. In Japan, MSRP… » 11/02/07 8:49am 11/02/07 8:49am

UCSD Engineers Build Highest Resolution Display in the World

Imagine how good Jessica Alba would look on a display 100 times the quality of an HDTV? Engineers at the University of California in San Diego have built the world's highest-resolution computer display which, at 220 mega-pixels, is 100 more higher than a high definition TV. The 55-panel display is linked through a… » 8/24/07 8:49pm 8/24/07 8:49pm