How MIT Scientists Took This Amazing Photo With a Regular Old DSLR

When the Nikon D200 came out in 2005, it was a big hit. (At the time, Gizmodo said it was "pretty rawkin.") But would you believe that a decade-old camera design could handle ultra high speed photography, like the amazing bullet-blasted peanut butter cup shot above? Turns out, a well designed workflow is all it takes. »11/03/14 1:32pm11/03/14 1:32pm

Discovery Channel's Time Warp: Slo-Mo Videos of Crazy Sh*t Go Primetime

Overheard in a recent Discovery Channel producer's meeting: "Hey—here's a crazy idea: you know how videos of things happening in slow motion tend to blow up the internet »10/09/08 9:20am10/09/08 9:20am? Let's make that into a . And in HD to boot. Face punches, raw chicken exploding, champagne blowing its top (the more the better!)—that kind of…