New Israeli Anti-Hijack Pilot Verification System Cannot Be Bluffed

Soon, pilots from all airlines flying into Israeli airspace will have to enter a numbered sequence to prove they are not terrorist hijackers. The secret code will be generated by the Security Code System, designed by Elbit Systems complete with a credit-card-sized keypad. Authorized pilots everywhere will eventually… » 11/21/07 1:07pm 11/21/07 1:07pm

Scientists and Engineers Working On Hijack-Proof Plane

The hijack-proof plane concept is a part of a four-year, 35.8 million Euro project to develop a plane that's as impervious as possible to terrorist plots. The advanced technology can monitor passengers via video and microphone, bar entry to the cockpit unless there's a correct fingerprint ID, and avoid collisions with… » 9/14/06 3:20pm 9/14/06 3:20pm