Malicious Chrome Extensions in the Official Chrome Store Are Being Used…

This is dirty. Hackers are uploading malicious Chrome extensions to the official Google Chrome Web Store in hopes of tricking people to download them. Once downloaded, the extensions have the ability to completely hijack Facebook accounts. » 3/26/12 6:20pm 3/26/12 6:20pm

Pilot Spilt Coffee Over Cockpit, Which Set Off the Hijack Alarm

They say there's no use crying over spilt milk...but in this case, I think the pilot would be allowed to shed tears over his spilt coffee—the terrified passengers of the United 777, too. [AD via Airliners via Engadget] » 1/05/11 12:40pm 1/05/11 12:40pm

China's Internet Hijacking Uncovered

Cybercrime experts have found proof that China hijacked the Internet for 18 minutes last April. China absorbed 15% of the traffic from US military and civilian networks, as well as from other Western countries—a massive chunk. Nobody knows why. » 11/17/10 10:00am 11/17/10 10:00am

New Israeli Anti-Hijack Pilot Verification System Cannot Be Bluffed

Soon, pilots from all airlines flying into Israeli airspace will have to enter a numbered sequence to prove they are not terrorist hijackers. The secret code will be generated by the Security Code System, designed by Elbit Systems complete with a credit-card-sized keypad. Authorized pilots everywhere will eventually… » 11/21/07 1:07pm 11/21/07 1:07pm

Scientists and Engineers Working On Hijack-Proof Plane

The hijack-proof plane concept is a part of a four-year, 35.8 million Euro project to develop a plane that's as impervious as possible to terrorist plots. The advanced technology can monitor passengers via video and microphone, bar entry to the cockpit unless there's a correct fingerprint ID, and avoid collisions with… » 9/14/06 3:20pm 9/14/06 3:20pm