I Wish My iPhone Could Hijack Video Screens Like This

YouTube mischief-maker BITcrash44 posted a video showing how he took control of several Times Square billboards with a homemade video repeater and a transmitter plugged into the headphone jack of his iPhone 4. I imagine he actually hijacked the screens with some clever After Effects work, but nevertheless I WANT TO… » 3/14/11 12:40pm 3/14/11 12:40pm

How To Protect Your Accounts From Firesheep Hijacking on a Mac

Firesheep, the packet-sniffing Firefox plug-in that grazes on (and then BURNS!!!) public Wi-Fi networks, could leave your Facebook or Twitter account compromised. FireShepherd arrived last week to protect Windows users, but now Mac users have a defense measure: BlackSheep. » 11/08/10 5:14pm 11/08/10 5:14pm

Video Of the Navy Capturing a Pirate Mothership

We already showed you a hijacking from the pirate's perspective, and now it's time to turn the tables and see what it's like to be on a Navy force taking control of a pirate mothership. » 5/15/09 6:00pm 5/15/09 6:00pm

Somali Pirates Make Hijacking Videos

This home video obtained by Danger Room isn't from the recent cargo ship hijacking involving U.S. sea Capt. Richard Phillips, but it does give you some rare insight into how these rebels operate. » 4/14/09 7:20pm 4/14/09 7:20pm