Short film shows why a world without secrets would end up badly

This surreal short film shows how life in a western saloon changes dramatically thanks to the malicious influence of a smart-ass voiceover. The voice reveals all the thoughts from the villagers dragging them into a true ballet of death. The film, directed by Erick Kissack, features the voice of Nick Offerman. » 6/25/14 1:14am 6/25/14 1:14am

I can't stop laughing watching Bowie and Jagger in this music-less clip

David Bowie and the Rolling Stones are my favorite musicians in ever, which is probably the reason why I love this music-less version of that big mistake called Dancing in the Street. Created by the incredible Mario Wienerroither, it's so outrageous that I can't stop laughing. Genius. » 6/19/14 1:41am 6/19/14 1:41am

Morgan Freeman's unboxing video from Se7en is dark humor at its best

This video is an hilarious parody of the famous scene of Seven, where Morgan Freeman opens a box with Gwyneth Paltrow's head inside, but told as if it was a conventional unboxing video. I know I probably should't be laughing at this but as a dark humor fan I am indeed cracking up. » 5/30/14 9:04pm 5/30/14 9:04pm

Watching food talking about food is hilarious

This short animated documentary shows different types of food talking about the food they love. Cheeseburger loves meat, mini-pretzels became vegetarian, a chicken is in love with eggplants, and so on. The voices are taken from interviews with real people and the stop motion animation is made to synchronize with them. » 5/20/14 9:59pm 5/20/14 9:59pm

Sexologists, trainers, and pornstars create sexercises to boost stamina

Lube brand KY created a Sexercise program with sexologists, personal trainers and porn professionals to help you perform better in bed. They think sex needs training too and it's true. You realize that when you try to have sex standing up and seconds later your legs start shaking and you feel you're about to pass out. » 5/15/14 11:45pm 5/15/14 11:45pm

Trick or not, a cheeky chihuahua stealing pit bulls' food is hilarious

Three well-trained dogs wait patiently for the go ahead signal as their owner lays out delicious grilled hot dogs in front of them. Then she gives the signal to go ahead—but the chihuahua steals all of the food before the pit bulls react. Is the chihuahua a jerk or is it all a well-rehearsed trick? » 5/07/14 1:08am 5/07/14 1:08am

Biker offers getaway to handbag thief, takes him to police station

This hilarious thing happened in China: A 29-year-old biker saw a guy stealing a woman's handbag on the street and quickly went to him to offer a getaway. The thief jumped on the bike but took him to a police station, where the thief tried to escape. I can imagine the guy's "ffffuuuuu" face as he entered the station… » 4/19/14 12:33am 4/19/14 12:33am

Everyone needs to watch this impossibly funny movie trailer right now

Wolf of Wall Street? Meh. American Hustle? Please. Anchorman 2? Tired. The Hobbit? I dare you. None of those movies in theaters right now compare to the epic awesomeness that is Kung Fury. Never heard of it? It's okay. Just watch the trailer. It combines all the cheesy glory of 80's cop movies with Kung Fu, killing… » 12/26/13 10:21pm 12/26/13 10:21pm

I Can’t Stop Laughing at These Dubbed Stock Videos

The Getty stock video used by producers to fill your screen with topical imagery is impossibly weird on its own. Seeing anything without sound is spooky and off-putting. But I'm laughing like I'm high as a kite at this compilation of stock videos that has been dubbed with sound. I can't be the only one who thinks… » 9/18/13 6:21pm 9/18/13 6:21pm