Democratic Convention Protestors Will Be Blasted With Ray Guns and…

If you're unhappy that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama, you better think twice before showing your displeasure at next month's Democratic National Convention. According to CNN, the city of Denver is purchasing tons of high-tech weapons to use on unruly DNC protesters, which may include goo-guns… » 7/07/08 1:17pm 7/07/08 1:17pm

Obama #1 In Gates and Jobs Households, Donation-Wise

Click to viewBill William Gates has only made one presidential-candidate campaign donation this season, and it was to Barack Obama. Meanwhile, although Steve Jobs' wife Laurene has given nice sums to each of the three leading Democratic candidates, Barack appears to be the apple of her eye, if you calculate that in… » 1/30/08 6:29pm 1/30/08 6:29pm