Navigate Intel's Future of Television With Swipes of Your Remote

Intel is super cereal about disrupting the broadcast television industry. The company is reportedly hard at work developing an inclusive, on-demand library of the past 30 days worth of programming. But a managing or even browsing a month's worth of shows (all of them, not just what you specifically record) can get out… »3/19/13 12:01am3/19/13 12:01am


Hillcrest Labs Sues Nintendo to Keep the Wii Out of America

Now this is interesting. Hillcrest Labs is suing Nintendo, trying to create an import ban on the Wii. They claim that Nintendo is infringing on a number of their patents relating to the Wiimote and the on-screen menu system on the Wii. The whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense to us, as we were under the impression… »8/20/08 2:01pm8/20/08 2:01pm