Hillcrest Labs' Updated Kylo "TV Browser" Brings Hulu Into the Loop

The new version of Kylo, the fun-to-say web browser tailor made for TV sets, comes with some polish and Hulu accessibility. To help you control it all, Hillcrest Labs is slashing the price of their funky Loop remote in half. » 5/26/10 12:00am 5/26/10 12:00am

Hillcrest Labs Sues Nintendo to Keep the Wii Out of America

Now this is interesting. Hillcrest Labs is suing Nintendo, trying to create an import ban on the Wii. They claim that Nintendo is infringing on a number of their patents relating to the Wiimote and the on-screen menu system on the Wii. The whole thing doesn't make a lot of sense to us, as we were under the impression… » 8/20/08 2:01pm 8/20/08 2:01pm

The Loop: Motion Controlled Remote Hands-On

The Loop motion-controlled remote may have seemed like a gimmick at first, but after playing with it firsthand, we have to say that it seems like the remote of the future. Let us explain. Hillcrest Labs' technology allows you to flick your wrist up, down, left or right in order to move the cursor around on the… » 12/06/06 12:00pm 12/06/06 12:00pm