The Loop Controls Your TV Like the Wii for $100

The Loop really impressed us back at CES...2007. A circular remote that functioned a lot like the Wiimote, the promising Loop turned heads before disappearing into the bowels of the tech world. (Until now.) » 6/15/09 9:10am 6/15/09 9:10am

Hillcrest Loop Hands-On Video: Better Than the Wiimote

OK, I have to apologize here. I called the Hillcrest Loop remote vaporware the other day, and boy was I wrong. I just got a chance to sit down and play with it today, and that accusation couldn't be farther from the truth. » 1/10/07 7:10pm 1/10/07 7:10pm

Hillcrest Loop Remote: Vaporware?

I stumbled upon the Hillcrest Loop remote control deep in the bowels of South Hall, sitting encased in glass in a sparse booth. I asked for a hands-on and was shut down, and they had no info on when this thing will see the light of day. Pretty fishy. What gives, Hillcrest? » 1/09/07 5:43pm 1/09/07 5:43pm