Wes Anderson Directs a Bunch of AT&T Commercials

Wes Anderson, favorite director of film school students everywhere, has lent his talents to AT&T in their new line of commercials. Featuring his trademark quirky style and neato floating backdrops, they send a clear message: AT&T can totally hang with the kids. Heck, if AT&T was a person, it wouldn't be a fat man in a… » 9/18/07 10:50am 9/18/07 10:50am

Shoulder, Hip Gadget Holder: This Year's Fanny Pack

I kid, fanny packs are sweet, but these devices are actually something that could be really useful for my geeky self. The gadget shoulder holster goes around one shoulder and can hold your MP3 player, cellphone, keys, USB flash drive, or anything else. It is reported as being pretty comfortable by Thinkgeek's hired… » 3/22/07 6:15pm 3/22/07 6:15pm