Sidekick 2008 Images Appear, Bigger And Clearer

Some more images have popped up at Hiptop3 of the forthcoming Sidekick Gekko aka 2008 from T-Mobile, and they're the best we've seen to date. This is a slender looking hiptop witch will launch with a multitude of skins, making it the most customizable Sidekick to date. And really, with a feature like that, you'd think… » 7/14/08 6:08pm 7/14/08 6:08pm

Hands All Over the Sidekick Slide (Verdict: Best Build Quality Ever)

The Sidekick Slide is the midrange Sidekick, at $199, and it has a smaller screen than the Sidekick "Luxury" LX. I couldn't tell so from the stuffy stock photos, but having held it and played with it, I do believe it has the best build quality of any sidekick. Motorola hardware plus Danger OS? Yes, please. It's also… » 10/23/07 3:15pm 10/23/07 3:15pm

Limited Edition Sidekick 3 by LRG and Diane von Furstenberg

The Special Edition Sidekick 3 by LRG that we saw a few weeks ago, is finally official, and available for preorder on the 30th of October. There isn't any special added functionality, just the same old browser, trackball, 1.3MP camera, instant messaging and killer QWERTY. You're paying, of course, for the camo… » 10/13/06 12:59am 10/13/06 12:59am