Holy crap, watch this man narrowly escape getting hit by a train

This 77-year-old man from the Czech Republic has never been luckier. As he foolishly scurries across a train track, the man mis-times his walk and almost gets killed by a speeding train. The train comes so close to hitting him on the tracks that it actually does. His foot is clipped by the train and you can see one of… » 4/21/14 11:59pm 4/21/14 11:59pm

This Personal Alarm Weaponizes Your House Key

A self-defense course will teach you how to use your keys as a weapon, but in practice, when you're under attack and panicking, protecting yourself with a keyring isn't as easy as it sounds. So the Hit, from Unikia, combines a loud audible panic alarm with a pop-up holder that turns a key into a switchblade that's… » 7/18/13 3:20pm 7/18/13 3:20pm

Wireless Helmet Monitors Head Damage to Football Players

A handful of college have come together and will be working with Simbex and their Head Impact Telemetry system. The HIT is a helmet-system that can be commercially purchased and will monitor head acceleration (impact), rotational acceleration, duration, location, time and more for monitoring the noggin of a football… » 4/17/07 7:30pm 4/17/07 7:30pm