Samsung-Led Cartel Fined $404 Million In Price-Fixing Scandal

Nine chip makers—including heavy hitters like Samsung and Hitachi—have collectively been fined $404 million by the European Commission over DRAM price fixing. Cartels: they're not just for drug lords anymore. » 5/21/10 9:49am 5/21/10 9:49am

Hitachi AirSense (The Sequel)

The first time anyone heard about the Hitachi AirSense it was being used as a wristwatch heart monitor for sick folks. Now Hitachi has taken the exact same concept and turned it into a multi-purpose sensor for monitoring the atmosphere. This time around the watch has readouts for temperature, humidity, and barometric… » 12/29/05 12:28pm 12/29/05 12:28pm

Hitatchi Digital Pen

Digital pens have long been a touch and go technology, which a number of interesting, if stupid, ideas coming down the pike. This one appears to be useful little tool that digitizes handwriting without depending on special paper, touchpads, or ink. It's Bluetooth compatible, as well. However, I just don't know if… » 7/28/05 11:33am 7/28/05 11:33am