Airsoft Snow Leopard Battle Tank vs NYC Sidewalk

As far as remote-controlled toys go, Airsoft's Snow Leopard Battle Tank is the toughest you'll find, rugged enough to withstand a rumble through the dirty cobble-stone streets outside Gawker HQ. The battery-operated tank is about 2-feet long and a breeze to maneuver. It can be loaded up with pellets or made to… » 3/13/07 7:10pm 3/13/07 7:10pm

Apache Chopper Wreaks Havoc at ShowStoppers

If they're not shoving airguns in our hands, then they're arming us with remote-controlled choppers. The folks at HobbyTron let us take their new Apache Chopper out for a test spin Monday night so we decided to fly it over the inebriated press who attended ShowStoppers. How well did it do? Check out the video for… » 1/09/07 6:22pm 1/09/07 6:22pm