How an indoor arena makes an ice hockey rink

Here’s a glimpse of the process of how an NHL arena turns a concrete slab into an official ice hockey rink. It’s footage from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, a place that’s hard enough to get water (let alone ice). The process of putting the ice rink together is quite quaint, it involves string and paint and… »9/04/15 7:50am9/04/15 7:50am


Player-Tracking Technology Is Coming To Hockey. It'll Change Everything.

Nothing happens quickly in the NHL. Fighting still exists. Visors were only mandated for incoming players last year. But the league is reportedly preparing to test player-tracking technology, and if it takes, we're not far away from a complete and sudden revolution in how we understand the sport. »5/13/14 6:28pm5/13/14 6:28pm

How Olympic Ice Skates Are Designed for Speed, Spins, and Swerves

Watching the world-class ice athletes of the Winter Olympics, whether it's in speed skating, figure skating or hockey, is a jaw-dropping affair. The speed, control, and dexterity they exhibit while somehow balancing on a metal blade is simply amazing. But what exactly is going on with those blades? Smarter Every Day's… »2/22/14 10:00am2/22/14 10:00am

NHL Players Testing Out Heated Skates for More Lube Action

It's actually not quite as dirty as it sounds. Thermablades, developed by Tory Weber, are heated to five degrees Celsius, which cuts down friction between the skate and the ice by increasing the layer of water between the two. Result: Players go faster, easier. Right now, barely 10 players are set to don the fancy… »10/18/07 5:10pm10/18/07 5:10pm