Griffin WindowSeat Holds Your iPhone/iPod Touch at Eye Level For…

This Griffin WindowSeat is a suction cup-based iPhone/iPod touch mount for your car, allowing you to keep your phone at eye level for easy map viewing and voicemail checking. What's left unsaid is how sturdy this thing is in case of an accident, and whether it will come careening off your window or dashboard into your… » 6/02/08 3:00pm 6/02/08 3:00pm

ZipHolder Zipper Holder Makes Pantsings Super Difficult

If you're anything like us, your zipper always has a hard time staying in the up position. Button fly jeans are a horrible solution, because you end up peeing all over yourself in an emergency. Enter the ZipHolder. It's a little elastic loop that attaches to the top of your zipper and hooks to your button. No more… » 5/05/08 8:15pm 5/05/08 8:15pm

Crocs Make Shoe-Themed Cellphone Holsters, We Wonder Why

Nurses and Doctors rejoice: you can now buy Crocs for your cellphone! Ok, so the Crocs "O-Dial" [sic] is actually a shoe-themed cellphone holster, but it is official. Why your phone would enjoy the lightness, comfiness... um, waterproofness and stain-proofness of those lovely rubbery, resinous shoes is another matter,… » 3/05/08 11:49am 3/05/08 11:49am

Blinking Cellphone Holder is Ironically Useful

This SIGNAL blinking cellphone holder is the perfect device for that super-silent office with the most uptight employees. Place the cellphone in the cup, turn it to silent mode and the cup will flash lights when a call is coming in. It is ironic because the ringing will no longer piss off the cubicle neighbors, but… » 4/10/07 6:00pm 4/10/07 6:00pm